Distribution of office supplies and consumables

Cooperation with us is universal solution for printing, office consumables, high quality spare parts and wide range of office supplies for any needs.

We are the official distributor on Russian territory of the following leading manufacturers:

Cactus in Russia presents:

• Laser cartridges;
• Extra capacity laser cartridges;
• Laser cartridges (Made in Russia);
• Inkjet cartridges;
• Dot-matrix cartridges;
• Consumables for telefax machines;
• Special printing consumables;
• Refilling kits;
• Photographic paper;
• Wide-format paper;
• Cleaning products;
• Presentational equipment;
• 3D printing;
• Gadgets and accessories;
• Office equipment and accessories;
• Office printing paper.


CET Group in Russia presents:

• Drum cartridges, Developer Units;
• Spare parts;
• Roller, Brake pad;
• Shaft, User firm sleeve, Fuser, Thermo-element;
• Laser cartridges;
• Toner developer;
• Maintenance kit, Fuser;
• Chips.

Static Control in Russia presents:

• Accessories;
• Bushing;
• Doctor Blades;
• Spare parts;
• Mag Roller;
• Wiper Blade;
• PCR;
• Toner;
• OPC Drum;
• Chips.

G&G in Russia presents:

• Laser cartridges;
• Inkjet cartridges;
• Dot-matrix cartridges;
• Handheld inkjet printer.

PANTUM in Russia presents:

• Printers;
• Multi-function printers;
• Laser cartridges;
• Refilling kits;
• OPC Drum.

MSE in Russia presents:

• Laser cartridges.


Moscow, Russia, 127521, Sheremetevskaya 47,

+7 (495) 280 78 78

Support: support@officeassistant.ru
Marketing: marketing@officeassistant.ru

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